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Terms and Conditions

Prevent site abuse

Any unacceptable behavior like spamming, using bots, or posting derogatory comments will be brought to books and strict legal action will be taken against them.

Information accuracy

We have put in our best efforts to compile various information published on this site. The information on this site may however be occasionally inaccurate, incomplete or out of date.

Warranty issues

We do not provide any warranty or guarantee on any of our books. Replacement of books will only happen in case of damaged books and in the stipulated time which is within 7 days.

Terms of sale

By placing an order with us, you are offering to buy a book and are eligible to buy the book. Any buyer above 8 years of age is eligible to buy the books from our site.

Intellectual property

Our logo, business name, site theme cannot be copied or reproduced in any form. Legal action will be taken against anyone who is found guilty of doing so.