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National CSR Funding


ISBN: 978-81-907209-4-6


This book contains profile of more than 1500 companies under CSR and guidelines of companies.

Under the new Companies(Amendment) Act, 2020 corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) will become mandatory for companies with a profit of Rs. 5 crores and more and that mere compliance with rules or carrying out welfare initiatives for the staff does under the Companies Act, 2013 and its compliance on CSR takes effect from 1st April 2014. All companies with a turn over to Rs. 1000 crore and more or a net worth of Rs. 500 crore and more of net profit of Rs. 5 crore and more will have to spend at least 2 per cent of their three year average profit every year on CSR activity. The govt. estimates this will cover 8,000-9,000 companies and bring in Rs. 15,000 – 18,000 crores in CSR.

This compilation is a comprehensive guide for NGOs, Trusts, & Civil Society Organizations with complete profile of leading multinational companies and startup.

With a compilation of more than 1500 leading corporate entities and their mandate under CSR, this book is a valuable resource for any practising development activist and organization.

  • This book contains the profiles of Companies under CSR.
  • It also contains the eligibility criteria to avail the benefits of CSR

The various areas of assistance under CSRs

Education, Community Health, Safe Drinking water, Rural Sanitation, Educational opportunities for the poor and the underprivileged, Legal literacy, Vocational educational and professional training, Women’s empowerment, Fight against HIV/AIDS and other communicable diseases, Setting of primary health centres, Environment preservation, Afforestation, Disaster relief works, Poverty alleviation, child labour, Youth and sports, Violence against women, Agriculture, Animal Husbandry, Food Processing, Income generation activities, Rural infrastructure, Construction of school, hospital and community centre, Mobile medical services, Mobile emergency services, Family welfare, Computer education, Alternate educational streams for school drop outs including distance education, Pulse polio programme, Distribution of solar-lantern & solar cookers, Tree plantation/Horticulture/Kitchen gardens, Lift irrigation, Veterinary services like insemination, vaccination and distribution of cattle feed and many more.


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